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Michelle Berry, DO

Primary Care Physician located in Boerne, TX

Most women and some men get the notorious bumpy skin that’s characteristic of cellulite. Despite its prevalence, you may wish for smooth skin and find yourself covering it up. With treatment for cellulite at Medical Center West in Boerne, Texas, you don’t have to cover your body anymore. Michelle Berry, DO, uses TempSure™ Envi to gently smooth the bumps under your skin. To make an appointment for cellulite treatment, call Medical Center West, or schedule your appointment online today.

Cellulite Q & A

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is a very common condition that gives your skin a bumpy and dimpled appearance in certain parts of your body. Cellulite isn’t dangerous or even inconvenient, but many people prefer the way their bodies looked before they developed cellulite.

Nobody knows how cellulite forms, but it likely has something to do with the interaction between your connective tissues and fat.

Women’s connective tissue lies in a vertical pattern beneath their skin, while men’s takes more of a crisscross structure. This could explain why women get cellulite much more often than men because their fat tends to drape down due to the weaker tissue structure.

Where does cellulite usually develop?

Cellulite most commonly occurs on your thighs and buttocks. However, you can also develop cellulite in other areas, including:

  • Breasts
  • Lower abdomen
  • Upper arms
  • Lower legs

In some areas, you can only see your cellulite when you pinch or squeeze your skin. In others, it is drastic and visible no matter what position you’re in.

Why do I have so much cellulite?

There are a few factors that contribute to your development of cellulite and how much of it you get. You might have more cellulite than others around you because of:

  • Your age
  • A slow metabolism
  • Your fat distribution
  • Your ethnicity
  • A poor diet
  • Your hormones

A common myth is that cellulite develops because of the amount of fat on your body. While this can be a contributing factor, many people who are thin have cellulite, too. It doesn’t go away with a healthy diet or any amount of exercise.

How does treatment for cellulite work?

At Medical Center West, Dr. Berry treats cellulite with TempSure Envi. TempSure Envi is an innovative noninvasive treatment by Cynosure® that works by delivering gentle heat to massage the deep layers of your skin.

The heat tightens your skin and temporarily reduces the appearance of your cellulite, giving your skin a smooth, photo-ready look.

The treatment at Medical Center West typically takes less than an hour and has no recovery time, so you can schedule it during your lunch break if you’re on a tight schedule. However, you may need to plan for multiple treatments to get the results you want and maintain them.

Cellulite is common, but that doesn’t always stop you from feeling self-conscious or covering it up whenever you can. To find out if you’re a candidate for cellulite treatment, call Medical Center West to book your appointment, or use the online scheduling tool today.